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the humor of being an NR
spartan condom
Funniest things I've heard as a Night Receptionist in West Circle:
-"No! You're closest to MY dorm!" (Drunk guy after hearing girl on cell phone say she was getting close to her dorm)
-"No it's ok, I'm just letting my friend in." (Girl caught propping a door)
-"Hey, did you guys know these doors are locked?" (Different girl caught propping a door)
-"Have you seen my friend come through here? I think he had pants on."

Fellow NRs please feel free to reply with your own humorous experiences.

life update
my grill
working regularly.

So far, I've watched trading spaces, CSI miami, the office, and mythbusters, for a grand total of 280$. awesome times.

also, i scored an interview for an internship at VICE (vice-recordings.com, check them out), the guys who are in charge of the streets, death from above 1979, and bloc party.

new york, what?

Transgender Awareness Training
**************PLEASE POST WIDELY******************

WHAT: Student Leader and Ally Activation and
Empowerment Session
WHEN: Saturday, April 8th, 12:00-3:00
WHERE: MSU Union - Multicultural Center

Samuel Lurie, well-known trainer on Transgender Issues is coming to MSU this Saturday to educate Allies and train students on how to get more involved in the campaign to add Gender Identity to the anti-discrimination policy! Session information is below. TO REGISTER: send an email to lbgtc@msu.edu with your name and let them know you're interested in the student session. See you there!

Samuel Lurie - Student Leader and Ally Activation and Empowerment
Saturday, April 8th, 12:00-3:00
MSU Union - Multicultural Center (NOTE LOCATION CHANGE)

Updated website - http://www.msu.edu/~phitaumu/lurie.html

Phi Tau Mu (FTM) Alpha-Male Chapter


(no subject)
Hi all!
My name is Katy and I will be attending MSU in the Fall! yay =)

I've been so torn on where to live, because when my sister went there she was in Snyder, but I guess they are remodeling..just my luck!

So I've heard snazzzy things about the west cirle! I was wondering what the best dorm to live in there is? I'm leaning towards Campbell, but I haven't really read to much about it..

Can anyone help me out <3 Thank you!

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Attn: all West Circle residents
This is something I've thought about extensively, in my two-and-a-half years as a Night Receptionist. So I bring you...


1) Q: What time do you have to be here until?
A: 7:00 am. We get here at 11:45 pm. Some people split shifts, so one person works from 11:45 to 3:30am and then someone else works from 3:30 to 7:00, but most people end up working whole shifts.

2) Q: Oh my god, doesn't this job suck?
A: Actually, not really. Sometimes, if you're cranky or have a headache or are just plain tired, the hours seem to drag. But generally it's a great job, especially if you have a laptop-- you can do your homework, read, watch TV, play on the internet, watch movies, really do whatever you want as long as you're alert and by the door.

3) Q: When do you sleep?!
A: Whenever we can. A lot of people only work when the don't have class the next day, or don't have class until 12:40 or later. Most, I think, work all night, sleep for a few hours, go to class, then take a nap when they get home. You get used to it, and it's really not hard if you manage you time right.

4) Q: What do you get paid for this?
A: I'm pretty sure that the starting rate is $6.50 (it was $6.25 when I was hired, ya whippersnappers). Of course, if you transfer to NR from a different West Circle job (the caf, maintanence, etc.) you can generally keep that rate. And anyway, isn't that kind of a rude thing to ask?

5) Q: I don't have my ID, but I live here. Can I still get in?
A: You sure can! The NR can look you up in the housing book and then sign you in. No biggie.

6) Q: I don't have my ID. Can I just open my mailbox for you and prove I live here?
A: No. If you live here, your name is in the housing book, and you can (and must be) signed in.

7) Q: I don't live here. Can I get in?
A: No. Not even if you live in another building in West Circle. After midnight, anyone who doesn't live in a building has to be signed in by a resident.

8) Q: I don't live here, and I have absolutely no form of picture ID on me. Can I get in?
A: No. Not even if you have a resident who wants to sign you in. All guests need to have picture ID if they want to come in after hours.

9) Q: I lost my keys! Can I get into my room after midnight?
A: You sure can! The NR supervisor can get a spare key and unlock your door. A warning, though-- if you're in Campbell it might take a few minutes, because the NR supervisors are stationed in Yakeley and that's a bit of a walk. But we can let you in. Note: we can't check you out a key that you can hang onto-- you need to wait for the desk to open in the morning for that.

10) Q: Hey, you're locking up and it's only 11:50! You're not supposed to lock the doors until midnight! WTF?!
A: No, we start checking IDs at midnight. We come in to work at 11:45, clock in and get our keys and walkie-talkies. At 11:50, we lock the doors. At 12:00, we begin to check IDs. The extra time is because it takes a few minutes to walk all the way around the buildings and lock every single door and get the scanner set up.

11) Q: How come someone unpropped the door that I propped open? And why did that person take my ID number when they saw me do it?
A: It's all there in Spartan Life, that booklet that you threw out at the beginning of the year. In fact, I'm bored enough to dig out a copy and look up the rules.Collapse ) Basically, propping doors endangers everyone who lives and works in the building, because then any crazy can just walk off the street and into a building where people are sleeping. It's rare, but it can happen. It has happened. If you break any University Regulation, then you can be subject to "judicial action." I've heard rumors of $50 fines. NR supervisors are instructed to get the ID number of anyone found propping a door. Repeat offenders will be punished... somehow.

12) Q: I can't even prop a door to smoke?
A: Nope. But if you come to the front door, where the NR sits, then you can smoke out there and walk right back in again.

13) Q: Why do you do [insert any of the functions of an NR]? It's stupid!
A: Because it's our job. If we didn't follow the rules, we would pretty much get paid to do nothing at all. Or, more likely, get fired for doing nothing at all. We do what we do because it's Policy, and far be it from us to take justice into our own hands. Anyone who you see taking your ID can't make any changes to the system, or at least not any more than you can. Probably the closest person who has any control over these things is Jim Dolan, the CLaM Complex Director. His office is next to the Landon front desk.

And you would not believe how often we get asked these questions, especially the first couple. Some nights I just want to hang a sign around my neck that says "We work until seven. No, it doesn't suck. I sleep whenever I can."

I hope this list is helpful. Any NRs (past or present) are welcome to add to it!


Coming Out Day Week
Coalition of LBGT Student Organizations Announces:
National Coming Out Day 2005

(Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI) - MSU's celebration of National Coming Out Day begins on Thursday, October 7th, and continues through Sunday, October 16th. National Coming Out Day is Tuesday, October 11th, the anniversary of the 1987 march on Washington, DC, and display of the NAMES AIDS quilt. National Coming Out Day activities seek to further awareness and acceptance of lesbian, bisexual, gay, and transgender people. On the MSU campus, events have grown from a day of events honoring the lives and accomplishments of LBGT persons to a full week of rallies, workshops, social events, and more.

This year, the week will begin with Moral Obligations, a play written by Todd Heywood and presented by Sunsets with Shakespeare. Inspired by the tragic murder of Matthew Shepherd, Moral Obligations is a powerful and moving performance illustrating violence towards the LGBTA community.
There will be several workshops and discussions during the week. In recognition of Indigenous People's Day, a discussion on Two Spirit and LBGT identities in Native American culture will be held on Monday. On Thursday, participants can savor trans tacos and genderqueer guacamole while testing their knowledge at the Question Gender Quiz Bowl. All are encouraged to attend. The LBGT rights movement wouldn't be where it is today without the 'A'. The LGBT Ally "Safe Zone" Training program is designed to teach people how they can be an effective ally to the LBGT Community.

We are excited to welcome Colin Kennedy Donovon as our keynote presenter for the week. Colin describes eirself as "an anti-racist Irish/English/German/Spanish "white" physically (dis)abled genderqueer trans activist, performer, educator and writer." On Tuesday, Colin will be hosting an Interactive, Theater Based Anti-Racism Workshop followed by a reading and discussion in the evening.

A variety of social events are also planned for the week. Students won't need to settle for fast food on Sunday when the cafeterias are closed. The BBQ at the Rock will offer fantastic food and plenty of fun. On Saturday, the annual Fruit Bowl queer sporting event continues this year. Spartans and participants from Lansing Community College, Eastern Michigan University, Western Michigan University, Central Michigan University, our friendly rival, the University of Michigan are all invited! We'll have friendly competition, and of course, fruit. Everyone can enjoy a cup of coffee and the creative works of your peers at the annual Poetry Slam on Friday at Espresso Royale. This is a great opportunity to share your work or experience what others have written. Closing out the week on the second Saturday, the Sweetest Day for LBGTA Dance this year will feature homecoming court, a corsage craft and DJ Aviance. This October, MSU will continue its 150th anniversary celebration with the Sesquicentennial Parade. Come march with MSU LBGTA organizations and our fabulous float!
LBGTA information will be offered in the Wells hall area on Monday and Wednesday. Stonewall Democrats will be holding a table on Monday to answer your questions. National Coming Out Day event information and copies of the new Q*News "Tricks And Treats" Issue will be available for pick up both days. In celebration of National Coming Out Day, the work of queer photographer and MSU graduate Nip Dendron will be on display in Barista Cafe as part of their "Art on the Wall" series.

A schedule follows. Visit the website of the Alliance of LBGT students at http://www.msu.edu/~alliance/upcoming for updates.

Photo exhibit by queer photographer and MSU alum Nip Dendron
October 4-18, Barista Cafe, Case Hall.
Hours M-F 7:30AM- 11:30PM
Sa-Su 3:30 - 11:30PM

Moral Obligations
A play by Todd Heywood and presented by Sunsets with Shakespeare
Friday, October 7th at 7:00PM by Beaumont Tower
Rain Location: 128 Natural Science
A discussion will follow at 8:15PM in 128 Natural Science

Sesquicentennial Parade
March with MSU LBGTA groups
Saturday, October 8th
Lineup begins before 11AM at the Frandor Shopping Center. The parade will travel east on Michigan Avenue to Grand River Avenue to Collingwood Drive. See http://www.s150.msu.edu for details.

Fruit Bowl
Queer sporting event
Saturday, October 8th from 12:00p -3:00p at Auditorium Field.

Sunday, October 9th from 4-8PM at the Rock

Stonewall Democrats Tables
Monday, October 10th 9AM - 5PM in Wells Hall courtyard

Two-Spirit Discussion
Monday, October 10th
7:30PM, tentatively in the PRIDE Room (Landon Hall basement, follow the signs)
Colin Kennedy Donovan
Trans/Genderqueer (Dis)ability Anti-Racist Activist
Tuesday, October 11th
- Anti-Racism for White Folks: An Interactive, Theater Based Workshop
11AM - 2PM in 13 & 13A in the Student Services Building
- Reading and Discussion
7PM in the Writing Center (300 Bessey Hall)

Queer Out
Wednesday, October 12th
8AM - 5PM in Wells Hall courtyard

Question Gender Quiz Bowl
Thursday, October 13th at 8PM in 441 Union

Poetry Slam
Friday, October 14th from 8-10:30PM at Espresso Royale

Sweetest Day for LBGTA Dance
Saturday, October 15th from 8PM -12AM in the International Center

LGBT Ally "Safe Zone" Training
Sunday, October 16th from 2-5:00PM, Room 13, Student Services Building.

Again, for an up-to-date schedule of events, visit our website, http://www.msu.edu/~alliance/upcoming

These events are sponsored by the Alliance of LBGT Students; PRISM; Spectrum; BRIGHT; RING; PRIDE; Office of LBGT Concerns; Same Gender Loving Students of Color, Internationals and Allies; Q*News; Stonewall Democrats; the University Activities Board, Phi Tau Mu; and the Associated Students of Michigan State University (ASMSU) Programming Board.

(no subject)
Ok so i know i posted in the summer about having an extra ticket to sigur ros.
and i know people contacted me
and i kinda just brushed it off as me having a long time to worry about it.
well its liek a week away.
and i still have an extra ticket

so if anyone wants to go to sigur ros.
contact me (for the first time or again)

its in ann arbor on sept. 20th.
ticket is for row 17
about 35$.

and you can drive with me (i have a car)

aim sn: sessie0927
email : renshaws@msu.edu

parking permits?
Is there anyone here who bought a parking permit for lot 75 for next year? If so, did you get yours in the mail yet? I bought mine probably a month ago and I still haven't gotten it, so I'm wondering if that's normal.

(no subject)
Me: Sharon Gutowski
Are we allowed to put shelves on the walls? More specifically, the ones where you have to buy the metal lengths that the legs go into? I'm living in Yakely for the first time.

Thanks in advance!


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