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parking permits?
phantasmagoracy wrote in westcircle
Is there anyone here who bought a parking permit for lot 75 for next year? If so, did you get yours in the mail yet? I bought mine probably a month ago and I still haven't gotten it, so I'm wondering if that's normal.

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. . . they say on the website that they don't mail them till next Monday.

But of course I can't be bothered to do something like check a website. :-þ

The jerks won't mail them them to your campus address until everyone is coming back, so I've been waiting while people who have them mailed home already have them.

i got mine at the start of the month right after i ordered it. that's how i found out where i'm living cuz they had my address before state ever notified me.

That doesn't sound normal...did you put down a campus address to have the permit mailed to? I seem to recall when I ordered mine online that they wanted a non-campus address. Or maybe I just put one down because the Durrrrs were having such problems getting our mail to us on time. Whichever. This is probably something you could check on, though.


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