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starbright_soda wrote in westcircle
Hi all!
My name is Katy and I will be attending MSU in the Fall! yay =)

I've been so torn on where to live, because when my sister went there she was in Snyder, but I guess they are remodeling..just my luck!

So I've heard snazzzy things about the west cirle! I was wondering what the best dorm to live in there is? I'm leaning towards Campbell, but I haven't really read to much about it..

Can anyone help me out <3 Thank you!

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i'm not sure you get to pick as a freshman. then again, i may be wrong.

my own personal preference is for gilchrist, but i'm biased because i lived there for about four years.

anyway, it really depends on what you're looking for as far as which building is the best. yakeley is all girls, but it's attached to gilchrist which has two floors of boys (ground and third) that tend to be a little rowdy. landon and mayo are party halls, and campbell can be, but less so. (party hall means a lot of noise, loud stereos, drinking, and the hallways will be very messy on weekends.) williams is pretty much all upper classmen, and a lot of the rooms there are singles. it's quieter than the other halls. there are non-smoking, non-drinking and quiet floors, but i can't remember where they are.

as for west circle in general, it's nice because it's so close to grand river avenue and downtown east lansing, where all the shops, bars and restaurants are. the buildings are all rather old and they're supposed to be haunted. they used to be called "the virgin islands" back in the early days of the university, because they housed all girls. they're beautiful buildings. (i have some photos on my website here, but you may have to hunt for them.)

i absolutely loved it there. i would never live anywhere else on campus.

Another reason for the nickname change is that I deflowered all of the virgins in West Circle my freshman year.

thanks for all the info! it's been helpful!!

one more question...

on the housing app, it says "quiet floor" "alcohol free housing"
are the alcohol free housing really mean no alcohol, and does quiet floor really mean quiet floor. hah. hmmm!

not always, but it's more likely to be alcohol free and quiet.

My advice is to go in blind. Like, roll a die or something. That way if you don't get your first choice you won't be disappointed, and you also won't have any preconceptions about dorm life which will have to be proved wrong.

Mason-Abbot is pretty much the same as Snyder-Phillips and just across the street, so that may be another alternative as well...

I requested Campbell as my first choice, Mayo as my second, and got Mayo. I LOVE it. I'm getting a single there next year because it's so wonderful. Your experience can be what you make of it- the 2nd floor is all guys, so that's where the parties are. If you aren't too into that then you just stay on your floor, the 3rd. Everyone I know has pretty much gotten into one of their 3 choices for residence halls, so I would put a lot of thought into it. Plus, Mary Mayo has a fountain! I think that tops everything, even awesome people and a wonderful location =)

Yea. I'm not a huge partier, but of course I want to join in. comon it's MSU haha. Does Campbell have the guys and girls on seperate floors like mayo too? thats a nice setup i think.

In terms of food, how is it? I'm a vegetarian so i wonder if there are enough food options and such!

I'm not really familiar with how the floors are set up in Campbell, but I really like it in Mayo because the boys are so smelly haha. There's a major difference when you walk downstairs...

As far as food goes, Landon and Yakley both are really nice......as far as cafeteria food goes. It gets old QUICK, but it would be like that at any cafe. ....I frequent Landon mostly, and they have a nice salad bar every day. Plus they have a station set up for more healthy stuff and vegetarians. Landon isn't open on weekends, so you have to go to Yakley, but it's alright because they have awesome smoothies! Also- there's a frozen coke machine in Landon!

haha you've been so much help thank you! mind if i add you?

Not at all! If you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask!

if i remember, one half of each floor is girls, the other half is guys.

yakeley, yakeley, yakeley!!!

I lived there my freshman year and I absolutely loved it. I live in Mason now cause it's closer to my classes but if I ever went back to West Circle I'd live in Landon again.

i put down mason abbot as my first choice, but I know alot of the people from Sny/Phl are moving over there due to the revonation and such.

i actully really want campbell and wish i put it as my 1st choice.

do you think mason abbot with be ruled out anyways for me?
hah i almost hope so. west circle is gorgeous!

Good luck! I lived in Williams 3 out of my 4 years at MSU - loved West Circle! It's beautiful and convenient to Grand River Ave. I liked Williams because of the kitchens - I didn't have a meal plan and cooked for myself, but I think you can only do that after your first year... can't remember, it's been too long.

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