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which floors on yakeley have quiet hours and are alcohol free?

and are guys completely banned from the building or can someone have their boyfriend spend the night?

Story of my life
not a freshmen, but new to West Circle, so I have a few questions:
is Mayo carpeted?
and how soon do we have to order lofts?

thank youuuuu

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fuck debators
So I'm working Night Reception in Yakeley right now. For those WC folks not on summer crew, right now we have a debate camp staying here-- 300 high school brats who talk ALL THE TIME. Commonly held opinion on summer crew is that they're rude, spoiled little brats, and the sooner they're out, the better. Well, they all have to be up in their rooms by 23:00, but a bunch of them ordered food, so two counselors keep running down to pick it up for them. And... turns out the counselors feel the same way we do! They both were just standing here, bitching about how much they hate the kids and how annoying and dumb they are. Hah!

This really amuses me.

Sigur ros
i know i am really not supposed to post about tickets in here, BUT

i have an extra ticket to the SIGUR ROS concert on September 20th in Ann Arbor and i need someone to go with.

I can drive both ways (obviously if i drive one way, id have to drive the other), all you would have to do is pay for the ticket. (about $30)

They put on a great show from what i hear, and theyre an awesome band.... so yeah....

so if you're interested please let me know.
i/m = sessie0927

Sorry for posting in here but i didnt know where else to post.

some wc photos
i know some of you have seen these already, but for those of you who haven't: west circle photosCollapse )

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Hey everyone :)
I received my hall assignment and I'll be in Yakeley-Gilchrist hall.
I'm kinda bummed because I applied to all South Complex dorms,
but I guess I can survive.

any information on the people & social aspects, terrible things about the dorm, food...etc would be lovely.

And, will I just find out in August if I am in the all-girl dorm, or would they have written down just "Yakeley" hall?


(no subject)
I just got my hall assignment for the fall and it looks like I'm going to be in Mayo. I'm really excited about this because it was one of my top choices. I see that no one has posted anything in awhile, but I wondered if anyone had any advice they could give me? Thanks...

a note to residents, specifically those studying in the East Mayo lounge.
If there is a Night Receptionist within earshot, it is not considered polite to loudly say things like "I don't know how anyone could take Night Receptionists seriously." Even if you don't take us seriously, this doesn't mean that we do not exist and cannot hear. As university employees, we have authority over you, so it is truly in your best interest to treat us with respect.


Pride Week
Pride Week starts tomorrow at 5:30 with the Q*News Potluck at Valley Court Park

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