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Me: Sharon Gutowski
star2trouble wrote in westcircle
Are we allowed to put shelves on the walls? More specifically, the ones where you have to buy the metal lengths that the legs go into? I'm living in Yakely for the first time.

Thanks in advance!

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Technically, no. You can't drill, nail, pin or puncture the walls in any way shape or form. They have stuff that says that they'll charge you if you do, although that rule's enforcement has been spotty in the past. Your best bet is to avoid it, though.

You can do anything to the room that doesn't mark the walls. No holes, no chipped paint.

So probably not.

When in doubt...fill the holes with toothpaste.

One problem though, the walls are pretty akin led. I've never tried to screw anything in but I don't think it would be easy.

Do whatever you want. They won't do anything about it.

I disagree. I had $40 worth of room charges last year.


If they spot it, they'll charge it. Of course, you can always get lucky and maybe they won't see something.

But it's still hard to put nails in the wall. I always ended up bending the nail when I tried to pound it in. The walls are solid concrete and/or brick. I imagine trying to screw something in, even with a power drill, wouldn't work too well.

so does that include hanging posters as a bad idea?

Only if you hang posters with something that puts holes in the walls or leaves stickeys. They charge $1 per stickey. I recommend command tape. It doesn't leave stickeys and I've never had a poster fall (even off the celing.) And I have a lot of posters.

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