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starbright_soda wrote in westcircle
Hi all!
My name is Katy and I will be attending MSU in the Fall! yay =)

I've been so torn on where to live, because when my sister went there she was in Snyder, but I guess they are remodeling..just my luck!

So I've heard snazzzy things about the west cirle! I was wondering what the best dorm to live in there is? I'm leaning towards Campbell, but I haven't really read to much about it..

Can anyone help me out <3 Thank you!

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I'm not really familiar with how the floors are set up in Campbell, but I really like it in Mayo because the boys are so smelly haha. There's a major difference when you walk downstairs...

As far as food goes, Landon and Yakley both are really nice......as far as cafeteria food goes. It gets old QUICK, but it would be like that at any cafe. ....I frequent Landon mostly, and they have a nice salad bar every day. Plus they have a station set up for more healthy stuff and vegetarians. Landon isn't open on weekends, so you have to go to Yakley, but it's alright because they have awesome smoothies! Also- there's a frozen coke machine in Landon!

haha you've been so much help thank you! mind if i add you?

Not at all! If you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask!

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